High-value Motor Insurance

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If you own one or more vehicles with a current or original value of more than £50,000 - or a historic, classic or specialist collection of vehicles - Baldwins Insurance Services can arrange enhanced insurance cover which is more flexible than any standard motor insurance policy. 

Our insurance solutions can include the following benefits not usually found in standard policies:
  • An agreed value which matches exactly the amount agreed in the event of a total loss of the vehicle
  • Cover for newly acquired vehicles
  • Fully comprehensive cover for any named driver, regardless of the car they are driving
  • Insurance for personalised registration plates
  • In the event of theft or an accident, a loan vehicle of equivalent standard and spec
  • Repairs being carried out by the garage of your choice
  • Unlimited cover for replacement locks
  • Unlimited use overseas.
If you would like to discuss high-value motor insurance with one of our knowledgeable advisers, contact CGI Insurance today for a detailed, no-obligations appraisal.

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