Fine art, antiques and precious collections

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Thanks to our private client division we have nurtured strong relationships with specialist insurance providers who understand the complex (and occasionally unusual) requirements of collectors.

Whether yours is a private, corporate or institutional collection, rest assured that we have seen something similar in the past and will find the right solution.

We are highly adept at arranging many types of cover, including:
  • Agreed value basis
  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions
  • Automatic cover while the item or collection is in transit, at exhibitions or auctions, or out on loan
  • Automatic increased value in the event of the death of the artist
  • Defective title
  • Depreciation in value following repairable damage
  • Emergency evacuation of the collection
  • Full theft cover (including theft by persons who were legally on the premises)
  • Worldwide cover.
As well as insurance cover, we can access specialist advice on your behalf on storage, transportation and valuations.

If you would like to discuss insurance for fine art and valuable collections with one of our knowledgeable advisers, contact CGI Insurance today for a detailed, no-obligations appraisal.