Cyber Liability Insurance

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Cyber attacks and threats are evolving problems and – with new security loopholes being regularly exposed – not really possible to solve. From a business insurance point of view, they are best viewed as continuous risks to be managed.

We can't win the battle against hackers but we can help protect you against losses sustained by your own business and liability for damages claimed by third parties.

First-party risk exposures (risks to your own business' property) include:
  • Cyber business interruption
  • Cyber extortion
  • Expenses of notifying customers
  • Hacker damage
  • Investigation following a privacy breach
  • Loss of third-party data
  • Reputational damage
  • Theft of money and loss / damage to digital assets.
Third-party risk exposures (risks to the property of others – ie, your customers) include:
  • Customer notification expenses
  • Investigation of privacy breach
  • Loss of third-party data
  • Multimedia liability
  • Security and privacy breaches.
The best way to proceed is to have appropriate cyber liability insurance in conjunction with effective IT security and risk management practices within your business. This combination will maximise your protection against this real and, unfortunately, increasing threat.

Talk to us today about the steps we can take together to protect your business and customers against the legal and financial implications of a cyber attack.