Health & Safety

CGI Insurance can also provide solutions to the following health and safety needs.

Workplace Risk Assessment

Workplace specific assessment of all hazards, people at risk and how to control these risks within your business.  This very comprehensive package covers over 40 different elements including - work equipment, welfare facilities, COSHH and management arrangements.

Fire Risk Assessment

A site specific fire risk assessment which is tailored to the individual needs of your business.  Designed to help your business comply with the needs of 'The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order' and make your workplace a safer place for you and your staff.

Employee Handbook

Employee handbook made specific to your business.  The handbook provides your staff with important health and safety information like your fire procedures, asbestos control, first aid arrangement and safe working practices. 

Health & Safety Policy

Health and safety policy made bespoke to your business covering:

Health and Safety statement

Organisational responsibilities

Arrangement for implementation

Over 30 individual policies

Fire risk assessment